tarot reading for 22

by katefantastic

I turn 22 on the 18th of June, and for my birthday I did a tarot reading for myself about the year to come. I used the Voyager tarot deck, which I think I mostly really like. It has a more masculine, science-y vibe than the Motherpeace deck I often use, which I like in a lot of ways except when it kind of squicks me out. That said, it’s a beautiful deck & I had a really wonderful tarot reading & would totally recommend it if it speaks to you!

The simple version of what I pulled is:
Inner Self–
Mental – Ten of Crystals, Delusion
Emotional – Four of Wands, Aspiration
Physical – Two of Cups, Equilibrium
Spirit – Man of Wands, Actor
Receptive – Six of Wands, Trust
Active – Child of Crystals, Learner
External World–
Finances – 0, Fool-Child
Home – Ten of Worlds, Reward
Relationships – Woman of Crystals, Guardian
Work – Woman of Cups, Rejoice

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A more complex explanation about the layout I used (which comes from the Voyager folks) goes like this:

The photos in the middle depict the “Inner Self” section. The first card I drew, on the top, was about my mental state, then in the middle on top was emotional, then on the bottom was physical, & then under the emotional state was my spiritual state. The card to the right originally referred to as “feminine” energy, which I chose to reconceptualize as “receptive” energy for myself, based on the somewhat dubious description of what was meant by feminine,  & then in turn conceptualized the card on the left as being about “active” energy.

Those cards are all drawn face down, & then flipped over one by one & interpreted. Then I did a whole thing about dividing the deck into fourths & spreading out each fourth to form a ring of possibilities representing the external world. From these I drew four cards, pictured above & below the inner self stuff, which represented important futures/information for me in (clockwise order) the areas of finance, home, relationships & work.

So, what this means to me is:

The inner self cards were helpful things to think about right now. I was really excited to draw equilibrium for my physical self, because I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain & exhaustion lately, & I’m really thinking about how this might reflect being out of balance in my life. I’m starting to prioritize caring for myself, which I’ve found super difficult to do. I keep waiting for a doctor to prescribe me something. That hasn’t happened, or it has & I’ve ignored it because taking care of myself seems lazy or like not enough. I’m ditching that perspective, & finally prescribing myself time for taking care & creating balance.

Delusion was all about being up in my head imagining things, & it sounded kind of yucky (delusion being a pretty charged word) until it turned out to basically be advocating big, out-of-control dreaming, because it’s what visionary, world-changers do. So I think I’m on the right path, there.

That was kind of the message of the external cards, too. Everything seemed to be affirming the path that I want to be on, a path towards what I truly want (which sometimes seems like the most ridiculous, dangerous, crummy path ever to me/my socially-conditioned fear-brain). I realized I’d been thinking about this year of transition as a gross, scary time I had to push through to get to what I wanted, & had the revelation that maybe this year could be the best year of my life so far. I am following my dreams, doing exactly what I want to be doing, surrounded for the first time in four years by almost everyone I deeply love (even if they’re not in my daily life, we’re nearly all in the same state!).

All in all, a very important tarot reading, & a good reminder to trust, which is a super critical word for exponentially increasing the joy in my life.

Also, 22 is the year of the Fool-Child. It’s the re-boot of the 22 year tarot cycle. I’m a fool-child this year, for sure, & it can even feel amazing to be brand new, if I let it.