list of ways to be nice to myself

by katefantastic

1. Read a book. Even for five minutes. It helps so much. Any book. But lately: Pronoia, by Rob Brezsney; The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron; &, hopefully (by which I mean, it’s been on my shelf for a million years & I took it off but haven’t opened it yet but want to read it now), Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy.

2. Go outside. Even for a second. Just to breathe in.

3. Tell myself I am enough. Even better, write it down. In colorful pen. Make it look pretty, do it over & over again, find other ways to say nice things to myself & write them or say them until I feel better.

4. Make something. A collage, a photograph, a poem. Something I can use my brain on for a minute, something I can feel accomplished about.

5. Put on music & dance around. Laugh at myself, laugh at the world, think “I am here in this beautiful life to be in love with it. Being in love with this life is more than okay, it’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.” Then go have more fun.