udon noodle salad

by katefantastic

mise en place two

I made this salad a while back for a family 4th of july gathering. The recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home, but apparently my family only has an older Moosewood cookbook, so I found the recipe at A Delicious Distraction.

I am still in a totally experimental, mildly frustrated phase when it comes to food photography (& to be real, photography in general). Food is one of my favorite things about this dang planet, & it feels so bizarre to not be able to capture & share that. I’ll take photos of beautiful, mouthwatering food &, in the absence of textures & smells & all of the wonderful, it looks blah blah blah.

That said, I could look at a good mise en place photo 4EVAH. Partially, probably, because mise en place completely changed my life (having everything in place before I start dumping things in a pot solves the problem of things burning on the stove while I’m frantically crying & chopping onions because the recipe told me I would have enough time but I’m too slow at chopping because I’m crying!) & also because they usually just look really darn good to me.

So, I am working on my compulsive dish limiting tendencies, & allowing myself to sometimes use extra dishes just so I can get a cute mise en place going on.

The salad, for the record, was as delicious the mise en place & as quickly gone.