morning meditation

by katefantastic

blueberry sourdough quartetblueberry sourdough sololast bite

The other day I made these blueberry sourdough muffins, a veganized, what-I-had-on-hand riff of these blackberry muffins, to use up some old bananas.

The morning after I made them, I woke up (a little late) to an empty house.

I’ve been thinking about meditation & the benefits it could have, especially in the wake of my weird health problems, for a long time. As my health weirdness intensifies, it’s an idea that keeps coming back to me.

Despite this thinking, I’ve found it really difficult to make meditation a daily or otherwise regular part of my life. On the contrary, I’ve actually noticed I have been actively filling up my mind with stuff, stuff, stuff. Then I realized how difficult it’s been for me to even do one thing at a time, to watch TV without being on my computer, phone, etc. So I thought I could practice focusing on the present moment as a way to inch closer toward meditation.

On the empty house morning I decided to put almond butter & banana slices on my muffin, make a cup of coffee, & just sit there, eating. To focus completely on what I was doing, on the food & the light & sitting with myself.

I ended up taking a lot of photos, which may not have been completely the idea. It was good to notice, though, how when I stop & sit with myself, how much more I see.

Being in my body, in the present, calms a lot of the sadness & stress that exhausts me sometimes. When I’m here, when my brain is with my body, I remember to be grateful.