Breakfast with Snowflakes

by katefantastic


(Photos, from top to bottom: The view from the porch // Snowy early-christmas-present elephant necklace // My joyful snow face // My early morning boots&sweatpants combo, & the evidence of my celebration dance)

Today, I woke up to snow. It was a complete surprise. I hadn’t heard anything about the weather from meteorologists or facebook friends, who are the first people, usually, to alert me to predicted precipitation. So I woke up this morning, saw how white the sky was through the window, and through my sleepy fog, sat up to look outside. Snow! A beautiful, thin layer of snow coating everything, and some still falling flakily from the sky!

After I immediately ran outside to appreciate the snow/take photos to make my family in Oregon jealous, I ran inside to put on Christmas music and make oatmeal. It has been a lovely, peaceful morning here. I’m so grateful I went to the Lighting of the Merry Maple yesterday, a big event in the town common of Amherst where the UMass marching band plays holiday tunes. That + a snowy morning definitely = December at its finest. I also had fun yesterday going to dinner with Milo before the festivities, at Fresh Side (“a little eatery and tea place”). I warmed myself up with a whole pot of ginger & honey tea. Milo described its flavor as “watered down carrots & brown sugar,” which sounds like a glowing endorsement to me, but they weren’t having it.

After the Merry Maple, I went to a concert of a different variety (aka, in a basement). It was inspiring to see the art that so many of my friends are working on. A good reminder (because I do sometimes forget) that making stuff is a really meaningful, wonderful thing to do on this earth, & it can be FUN.

And then, when I got home, I made the best popcorn ever.